Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

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Did you thought about giving your kid the chance to enjoy playing on your phone or tablet, this is good but what about improving your child's intelligence while playing, it's better, but if all that is free, just Wow.

Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers : learning tools for kids
Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

In this topic you will find the best free apps designed for toddlers, and which your kid can get benefits : imroving her skills . there is a variety of toddlers apps somes are compatible with android others for Apple but it's all Free .

Best Learning Apps fort Toddlers

Endless Alphabet : Learning Alphabet letters and building vocabulary

A great interactive app to learn reading for toddlers, by using word animation and talking the kid will memorize it easly. More than 100 word which 7 are available for free to test the app, after that you can unlock the rest by purshasing the app . (Available on PlayStore and App Store ) Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

Dino Maze : Dinosaur Mazes App For Toddlers

A mazes game that provide progresive levels, if your kid loves donosaurs this may be the best game for him, this game will help your child to develop visual spatial skills, problems evaluation, logic thinking ...(Available on PlayStore and App Store ) .Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

123's ABC's FREE : Letters Writing Helper

A, B, C it's easy to write for adults but what about you kid, this app helps toodlers to write letters, and the best feature is the letter song so your child will learn how to speel these letters .(Available App Store ) .Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

Kids Doodle : Movie Kids Color and Draw

If your kid loves painting this may be the best application for him, kids doodle app provide a movie mode to play the drawing steps.
You may share kid's artwork with family or friends either as a picture, or a small animation movie. Game supports to encode the drawing procedure into small movie clips.
This application is free there is  no ads. (Available on PlayStore and App Store )Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

Lego Duplo Trains : Play the Role of The Train Driver

If your kid is fascinated by trains, this great game can offer new inspiration for hours of inventive play - with or while not a Lego DUPLO train set.
A educative building toy specifically designed for kids ages one ½ - five – little hands and large imaginations! Preschoolers will learn about shapes and colours active. once the chewing-the-bricks section fades out, the building experience section takes over, serving to to stimulate and improve fine motor skills development. (And yes, bricks-poured-onto-hard-surface noises stimulate different senses, too.) (Available on PlayStore and App Store )Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

XYLOphone : Learn the basics of music.

Simple and straightforward: easy xylophone enables kids to play this lovely instrument on your Phone at any time!  These eleven pure high quality sounds can make you forget that this is a simple app on your Phone! they can use it to learn the basics of music.Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers
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