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Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

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Did you thought about giving your kid the chance to enjoy playing on your phone or tablet, this is good but what about improving your child's intelligence while playing, it's better, but if all that is free, just Wow.

Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers : learning tools for kids
Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

In this topic you will find the best free apps designed for toddlers, and which your kid can get benefits : imroving her skills . there is a variety of toddlers apps somes are compatible with android others for Apple but it's all Free .

Best Learning Apps fort Toddlers

Endless Alphabet : Learning Alphabet letters and building vocabulary

A great interactive app to learn reading for toddlers, by using word animation and talking the kid will memorize it easly. More than 100 word which 7 are available for free to test the app, after that you can unlock the rest by purshasing the app . (Available on PlayStore and App Store ) Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

Dino Maze : Dinosaur Mazes App For Toddlers

A mazes game that provide progresive levels, if your kid loves donosaurs this may be the best game for him, this game will help your child to develop visual spatial skills, problems evaluation, logic thinking ...(Available on PlayStore and App Store ) .Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

123's ABC's FREE : Letters Writing Helper

A, B, C it's easy to write for adults but what about you kid, this app helps toodlers to write letters, and the best feature is the letter song so your child will learn how to speel these letters .(Available App Store ) .Best Free Learning Apps for Toddlers

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Play Based Learning : Learning Through Play

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All parents know that children like playing more than any other activity, and a good portion of them hate learning or studies. if you are a parent of one of these children you may ask how can you make your child learn or even how can you make your child LOVE LEARNING ?
What ? my child love learning , are you kidding ? NO, this is possible if you have read the article's title : " Play Based Learning ", Yes, your kid can love learning if learning and playing was the same thing for him .

the best Play Based Learning Websites as learning tools for kids
Play Based Learning : Learning Through Play

Below, you will find a list of the best free websites that offer this kind of learning ( Play based learning or learning through play ) 

Top 5 Play Based Learning  Websites !


Worksheets, Games, Workbooks, Activities,  Lesson Plans,  Songs,  Stories, and  Exercises All this in just one site. this one of the most popular "Play Based Learning" websites where the lesson time and playtime combination is possible .

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Learning Tools For Kids : Types and Suggestions .

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The common concern of all parents around the world is ensuring a bright  future for their children, and the best way to do it is the academic excellence.
An academic excellence requires a lot of  competences and abilities, first the kid must have a good potential of learning, in addition he must have a number of advantageous competences, somes are simple and easy to develop (work planning, goals setting ...   ), others are more complicated and hard to acquire (Critical thinking and problem solving ). And to be clear traditional education methods can't teach the kid all that, for that people start using smart learning tools for kids as a way to improve their children's learning competencies.

In this article we will talk about the types of learning tools for kids, and then we will give the best learning tools for kids available in each category .

Types and Suggestions of Learning Tools For Kids

There is numerous types of learning tools for kids, and each one has its own advantages, the main types are : Electronics for Kids, E-learning Platforms, Educational Games and Programs, Toys, Tabletop games, kids web platforms .

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