Learning Tools For Kids : Types and Suggestions .

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The common concern of all parents around the world is ensuring a bright  future for their children, and the best way to do it is the academic excellence.
An academic excellence requires a lot of  competences and abilities, first the kid must have a good potential of learning, in addition he must have a number of advantageous competences, somes are simple and easy to develop (work planning, goals setting ...   ), others are more complicated and hard to acquire (Critical thinking and problem solving ). And to be clear traditional education methods can't teach the kid all that, for that people start using smart learning tools for kids as a way to improve their children's learning competencies.

In this article we will talk about the types of learning tools for kids, and then we will give the best learning tools for kids available in each category .

Types and Suggestions of Learning Tools For Kids

There is numerous types of learning tools for kids, and each one has its own advantages, the main types are : Electronics for Kids, E-learning Platforms, Educational Games and Programs, Toys, Tabletop games, kids web platforms .

Electronic Devices  for Kids

Devices designed especially for kids , as learning tool for kids, usually  the electronic devices gives an audiovisual learning possibility. we can find a specialized device( maths learning, spelling ...) as multidisciplinary devices . the most used electronic device for children is the kid's laptops and tablet.

Suggested Electronic Devices For Kids

VTech Little Apps Tablet : As the best sellers in " Kids' Electronic Learning & Education Systems " category on Amazon, this device is designated for kids between 2 and 5 years. The VTech Little Apps Tablet offers12 learning activities with progressive learning levels.You can find the best price at Amazon at just 14.97$ . ( Know More About The VTech Little Apps Tablet )

Touch Tablet Pearl Ice : With over 120 Learning Activities this device can be the best learning tablet for kids in the market right now, including english, maths, history, spanish, Science all this as adventure games. (More Information about Touch Tablet Pearl Ice )


The E-Learning is a recent concept that mean the process  of facilitating learning and improving competences by creating and using the  technological resources. there is a lot of websites and e-learning apps. E-learning may be the best learning tool for kids.

Suggested E-Learning Websites and Platforms for Kids

E-Learning for Kids Org : Since 2004,  e-learning for kids is a nonprofit organization based on fun and free learning , dedicated for children between 5 and 12. This a great learning tool for kids that offer courses in maths, keyboarding and science . In Addition a network community has been created for parents and educators to make "e-learning for kids org." a global educational platform.

Wowzers : Learning maths through playing games is the main idea of this website, this website is created at the first time for teacher as maths learning tools for kids that gives a customized maths learning possibility.

Connections Academy : is a fully public school, offering free online outstanding curriculum for K-12 students. This online school use Connexus : a user-friendly system that allow student to connect easily from anywhere.
"Learning online doesn't mean learning alone" this is why Connection Academy at the same time is a real social community that gives a socialized learning experience for kids. so this is a ultimate learning tool for students, teachers and parents.

Learning Games and Programs For Kids

Learn through play is a successful way to make your child love learning, this is why a lot of people have taken the initiative and built websites where the kid can enjoy learning . Also exist the "adjusted kids programs" these are programs and softwares that optimize the learning experience of children.

Suggested Games and Programs for Kids

Learning Games For Kids. Com : A great library of learning games : Science, maths, english, spanish, reading, music, memory, logic and more, All these can be learned and practiced as fun games .

VocabularySpellingCity : a free spelling app which use fun methods to help your child spelling and memorizing words . this app is available for free on appstore and google play .



Tabletop Games

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