Top 9 Learning tools for kids Websites .

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In this topic we will expose the best 10 Free Learning tools for kids websites, and we will also show you the features of each one.


starfall web tools for kids
Starfall Websit
This is an Education Foundation created on 2002, it focus on audiovisual resources to teach children reading. the success of starfall's methods is due to the fun learning tools insertion .

Nat Geo Kids

Nat Geo for Kids
Nat Geo Kids
All childrens without exception ask a ton of questions every day and parents are not always ables to answer it, that's why the Nat Geo Kids Magazine help children to answer their questions about earth and natural phenomenons, all that by using attractive ways like videos, games, apps and toys.


Free Learning Games Web site
Funbrain free tools
With tons of  Free learning games, comics, and books Funbrain offers preschool kids the opportunity to develop their skills on reading, maths ... . Many of teachers and education professionals suggest to their students to use fun brain during free times. Since 1997 a great number of parents have used this site to improve their children's skills .

Lawrence hall of science

A Number of educational games and activities are offered by this site to permit kids explores the world from their computers.

BrainPOP Jr

BrainPOP Jr for animated movies
BrainPOP Jr
Looking for animated movies, educational activities and quizzes, brainpop Jr offers you what you want , a multitude of smart learning ressources well designed for K3 Students. the Brainpop Jr Movies Feature is an innovative way to introduce concepts and it's adapted for classroom use too . This Website has another feature named Gameup, this is a complete collection that gives the student a chance to practice and improve her critical thinking and leadership skills . all that make Scratch the best learning tool for kids on the eyes of millions .


Pebble Go For pre-kindergarten students
Pebble Go
Pre-kindergarten student ? this may be one of the best choices, this a huge database that contain a variety of resources about Sciences, Animals, Biographies and social studies which we can navigate easily .


Scratch : the best learning tool for kids
Create games, stories and share it with peoples in the big social community, yes this is the main idea of this community, and this learning method offer the student (between 8 and 16) the opportunity to develop creativity and collaboration sens, because Scratch promote the teamwork idea and values.this website aim to teach coding, thus the student can simply create their own computer programs.

Although Scratch is created for 8-16 students, it's used by millions of people of all ages all around the world. Today, Scratch has become a global E-learning platforms used by educators to share and exchange learning methods.

Learning Games For Kids

Learning when Gaming
Learning games for kids
This Featured Site provide Online Learning games For kids which is a great learning method that make learning process funny as efficient. "Learning Games For Kids" Provide Games in the following topics : Mathematics Facts, Language, Art sens, Sciences,  Nature, Word , Logic development, Memory optimization and Hand-Eye consistency .

Maths for Kids

Learning maths ToolThe ideal learning maths for kids Website, designed especially for children aged 6 to 11, this website provid exercises and solutions and mainly the simplest ways .The best thing in this site is that the learning process is progressive so the student can start with the easiest level to the hard level .

In the next  topic we will talk about the best e-learning platforms .
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