What Motivates Your Child to Learn and Study ?

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It's obvious that a child can't be a stellar student if he don't love to learn, is that we -as humans- we are very productive when it comes to something that we love to do, if not, whatever the amount of efforts you offer you can't get a good result .And generally, parents find it difficult to push their children to study hard, and everyday they face the same problem : how they can encourage them to do homeworks.

In this article we will know how we can make our children love studying, doing home works, and even start learning some things outside the curriculum.

5 Ways To motivate your child to learn

motivated children for studies and learning
make your child motivated for learning

How do studies affect the future

It's really important that children start having the responsibility sens across the future, and this point was  the engine of a lot of successful peoples, because a 7 years old child can really understand that if he doesn't study well at school he will not have a large chance of success in the future. So try to ask him always about the future, what he want to be, what job attract him and discuss these stuff together , that will positively change her view towards studies .

Celebrate small achievements

Let your child addict the taste of success, celebrate every small achievement, like completing reading a book, obtaining a good mark ... We as humans we like the celebration and manifestation of our success , that gives the sensation that we are useful and it pushes us to get more success and achievements. So try to valorize his  small achievements and reminds him from time to time about these.

You can also talk about these achievements to other people above your child like : " Hey Lisa, you know, Mark got a good mark in mathematics today ...", believe me, that will have a magical effect on your child's self confidence.

Find new learning methods

Kids love new things. this is why sometimes you must avoid the traditional methods and look for something new, a method that can push your child to learn without getting bored. Imagine if learning has become your child's hobby, it's really possible if the learning process was fun . there is a lot of methods to do it, and one of these is the learning tools for kids websites .

Told him how much your job is tiring

Kids are the most clements creatures, they are deeply responsives with the suffering. So tell your child that your job is very hard and you do it for him and if he works hard on studies he can get you out of  suffering. personally this method is well worked on me when i was child .

The positive conditioning

After every achievement, homework, a good mark or a book reading , give your child a recompense . And more the case is significant more the reward should be great. this is a large used method by parents, but you have to make your child understand that the big reward is the bright future .

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